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You begin in the adventure mode as a small chicken, and your sole controls would be to roll forward and backward, and there’s a jump option so that you can get more than a few obstacles. At this time, a lot of the gameplay looks like that of Trials, because you’ll need to micromanage the pitch of your vehicle as you roll, jump, and boost your way through the game universe. Your end goal is to make your way from save point to save stage until you get to the end of every stage.


Something to bear in mind is that the adventure mode does not take that long to beat. Luckily there’s an optional community section which comprises a wide range of fan-made levels. This way you should have a whole lot of new and exciting content at your disposal whenever you desire. Oddly enough I don’t find a way to create these amounts in the Android launch, but after studying the Play Store description, it is made clear that cross-platform compatibility is planned for the future, and in the meantime the neighborhood section will be updated on the standard.


So far as the touchscreen controllers are concerned, well, they could take some getting used to. There are a few unique commands you must get a handle on if inside of your bathroom kart and several of them are placed a little too close together, which may be an issue. As soon as you become accustomed to your thumb positioning, it is not too bad, but clearly a physical control will work better. Luckily you have the choice to use one if you desire.


In general I need to say I am completely impressed with Animal Super Squad. It takes all the goofiness of Felix Kjellberg’s zany online character PewDiePie and mashes it with the wacky physics-based antics found at the Goat Simulator series, and then outputs a mad platforming/karting adventure sport that’s a joy to playwith. Sure the touchscreen controls are not intuitive, but the inclusion of physical control support is quite welcome. In my experience it is often rare to see such a capable game published on the Play Store, so be certain you catch this one as soon as possible.