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Students no longer need to crowd around a computer screen to see presentations, Web sites or coaching applications. Multimedia projectors are getting to be the centerpiece of classroom technology hubs that directly engage students and add effect to every lesson.

Identifying Classroom Needs

In the past, teachers had to accommodate projectors which were meant for business use. When educators wanted a mobile projector, they often settled for low picture quality, fewer connection options and a machine that could become really hot if run over long periods. However, when teachers wanted a projector to do at a high level for several hours, and might accommodate several connections, they probably settled for a massive machine stationed in a multimedia centre or other shared space where they needed to relocate their course for this lesson – which makes it impractical for everyday use. In both cases, these projectors were often tough to operate, requiring the aid of an audiovisual specialist. The fantastic news is that more goods are being introduced to meet specific classroom needs.

To have a better understanding of what educators, media and AV experts are searching for, Philips recently worked with Quality Education Data Inc. (QED) to survey 500 teachers and media specialists in U.S. public colleges to find out more about engineering and equipment trends in K-12 classrooms. Most importantly, the study found how tremendously teachers value multimedia projectors as essential classroom tools. In actuality, AV specialists who engaged predict a projector in each classroom over the next five years (see graph below).

Important Features and Classroom Software

Educators identified the following key characteristics as what they liked best when buying a projector, in order of the most important to them: image performance, resolution, long lamp life, merchandise portability, brightness, PC connections and silent operation. Other features considered crucial included overall projector functionality, ease of use, purchase price and cost of operation. In a nutshell, the analysis showed schools need cheap, high-performing, highly versatile and easy to use projectors.