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You can now use a shortcode to print it on a WordPress site, or catch the embed code to print on other platforms.

Retarget Visitors Onsite

Lead visitors deeper into your website with onsite behavioral retargeting. This’ll allow you to present distinct offers based on what they’ve looked at. Podcast Insights utilized this technology to improve conversions by 1099%.

To execute onsite behavioral retargeting, you will want at least two campaigns. Among the simplest ways to do this is to replicate your current campaign and modify the messaging to attract those who did not opt into the first campaign.

You can also boost lead generation by tracking conversions at the OptinMonster dashboard, and using conversion rate optimization strategies like split testing.

Now you understand how to use SEO for lead generation, and bring more natural prospects, here are a few more useful resources.

Check out our guide to creating a high-converting sales page, and find out how to discover your customers’ secret ideas with a popup survey.

The Top Lead generation strategy from OKDork:

I love that Noah’s primary offer (on the homepage overlay) is 85% of his best business hacks. From this, a visitor infers that, to get the other 15% (subjectively that’s the stuff you really want), you’d have to hire him.

He also uses the “Learn how I” value proposition in his lead gen forms. This case-study style communicates the idea that Noah is all about proven results. This ain’t theoretical.

SocialTriggers, founded by entrepreneur Derek Halpern, offers Derek’s unique angle on building and marketing businesses. Derek has built and sold several successful websites in various niches (entertainment, fashion, etc.).

Here’s how SocialTriggers generates leads:

Lead Generation is the science and art of getting a man to provide you their first big ‘Yes’: Trusting you enough to supply you with their personal contact information in exchange for your valuable supply.