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6 ways to Repair your mindset for a freelancer

I had been anxiously waiting to be “prepared” to take it fulltime and quit my day job, but something felt off.

I tried to perform a kind of audit of my company to find it out:

I am obsessively organized, so it was not that I did not have good systems in place.

I got along great with my existing customers, so it was not I was serving the wrong men and women.

I had the abilities to keep my company, so it was not an education issue.

I was getting more customer inquiries than I could take, so it was not a “insufficient work” problem.

My business was not in a rut, I was.

If I actually wanted to level up my company, I needed to concentrate on my company myself and less more.

Let’s face it working in the creative business is challenging. Whether you run an independent business or work for an agency, there are a good deal of non-creative items to keep track of (budgets, proc…

Yup, it seems backwards, but it worked. Six months later, I am in the midst of the first month as a full-time freelancer business owner. I made a great deal of changes in that period of time, but very few focused on company plan. My solutions, marketing, systems…they are all pretty much the same.

What changed?

As a freelancer at the hustle-loving gig market, it is way too easy to come up with unhealthy attitudes and customs.

Be totally honest with me: have you dreamed about how long of a day you worked, or how small you slept, or just how much you have sacrificed for your company?