husqvarna chainsaw

Depending on the inherent danger of working with chainsaws, and according to the previous statistics, it is very important that employees exposed to chainsaw operations receive the proper education and skills training so they understand how to work skillfully, keeping themselves and their co-workers safe. Employees also have to be knowledgeable about applicable industry regulations and equipped to comply with approved work procedures. It’s crucial that management at all levels of any organization support security and skills instruction and training.

Why? It’s partially because most employees can manage to start a chainsaw and cut something without incident. Now we have both electric- and – battery-powered chainsaws which are simple to begin. While it’s great that such complex technology is present, this technology makes it easier for employees to operate chainsaws without proper education or training concerning the instrument or cutting trees.

Even with all these improvements, however, data indicates that more deaths and injuries are happening now during tree-related work tasks than ever before. So where and how can we be proactive and how can we get started?

Two Primary Factors

To start, it is important to comprehend how people make decisions and what kind of pressure operators might be below when using chainsaws.

There are two main factors at work here. The first is that all people come to our thinking and use of chainsaws with different educational backgrounds, different experiences and training with cutting edge tools, and many different tales, myths and mysteries that we have collected before and learned about from other folks. If there’s confusion, and if up-to-date knowledge, ability or expertise is lacking, there’ll also be a lack of critical thinking, decision-making and operational behaviors, and the possibility of injury will increase..

It’s a fact that the top-handle chainsaw does place both hands over the middle of mass, which makes it feasible to cut with one hand on the saw. But while this behavior might appear acceptable, in fact it does and can cause employees to get killed or hurt.