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Pediatricians should work collaboratively with public health departments and colleagues in associated professions to recognize and reduce barriers to the health and well-being of children in the communities that they serve.

Pediatricians can play an essential role in organizing and focusing new and present solutions to realize maximum benefit for all children.

Pediatricians and other members of this community should interact and urge to improve all organizations and settings where children spend some time (eg, child care centers, schools, youth programs). School and community resources should be regarded as resources in developing strategies for the issues that kids will face now and throughout their lives.

Pediatricians should nurture and advocate for local structures that encourage healthy families effective at promoting optimal health, security, and growth in their children.

Pediatricians should advocate improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare for many children, striving to make sure that each and every child in the area has a medical home.

Pediatricians should educate themselves regarding the availability of community resources which influence the health and well-being of the kids they serve.

Pediatricians have the exceptional opportunity to model roles beyond the traditional clinical roles that students and residents encounter. Pediatric academicians should use resources from the AAP and the Ambulatory Pediatric Association to engage the community pediatrician as a teacher, both in the care of individual patients at community-based clinic and in roles associated with promotion of their well-being of all children in the area. Community-based resources outside the boundaries of the traditional hospital and outpatient office setting should be used to educate residents from the impact of the community on child health status and the positive impact of interdependent cooperation of community agencies with caregivers on child health.

Medical student, resident, and continuing medical education programs should think about and occasionally review fundamental community pediatric competencies to be included in instruction and maintenance of certification efforts for pediatricians.

AAP chapters should provide direction, support, and recognition for pediatricians involved in advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that children have access to care and to foster integration of those activities as an essential part of the professional function and responsibility of their pediatrician.

Caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable pediatricians should address the needs of the patients and all children in the context of their community.