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pensacola airport shuttle

In the event you or others in your party package a good deal, ask how much bag the shuttle can manage. Some companies offer different kinds of vehicles, like a luxury sedan or a bigger SUV, and you need to be certain that the one they ship can accomodate all your luggage.

Moreover, if you are traveling with a pet, be certain you ask whether they’re allowed on the shuttle.

As soon as you discover the ideal company for your journey, check their availability to be certain they have the time and date you will need to be brought to the airport available. Reserve a location with the business that meets your needs the best.

Despite the fact that you’ve made a booking, call the service a few hours or the day before the shuttle is supposed to arrive. Double-check the motorist gets your reservation, your pickup address and will be on time.

The shuttle company may have access to a flight time and data. If your driver does, request updates on any airplane delays. Also ask if there are new obstacles on the planned path and, if so, whether the shuttle can take another path.

Superior question: there are 2 basic types of shuttle service. In the airport, your pick-up time is dependent on your flight itinerary; not our program. By way of example, you’re not placed in a holding area to be set on a multiple stop line run. To the airport, your pick-up time is dependent on your flight departure time; not our program. Again no additional stop line runs. We like guaranteeing no more than two stops to our clients. Our vans are large with a great deal of luggage space.

These vehicles will typically be equipped with bigger luggage space, and incorporate exclusive branding. They’re also commonly (but not necessarily) painted with vivid colours to stick out among other airport vehicles and to be readily seen from the crews of taxiing aircraft when negotiating the aprons.