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This saves you the hassle of hosting before you will need to, messing with mockups merely to send screenshots, or attempting to organize a meeting with your customers in person.

The sooner you can get feedback on your work, the quicker you’ll have the ability to keep moving throughout the job and know you are on the right path!

Join the Regional Community

On the lookout for more workflow suggestions? Check out the Native Community, a place for Neighborhood by Flywheel users to join and continue improving procedures!

As soon as you’re all done with neighborhood development and have gotten customer approval, it is time to take your website live!

So as to remain productive, find new inspiration, and always create incredible work, each programmer needs to have an assortment of go-to tools to help them get the job done, day in and day out. S..

To set up your WordPress Website

You would need to copy the files, export them, upload them to a server, expect it all got moved fine, and then repeat for any additional changes. Or if you are a lover of SFTP, you can log into the server and transfer files that way, which is also a clunky process and runs the danger of transferring things to the wrong site.

Those methods still work just fine, they simply take a while. If you wish to host your website on Flywheel, we have made the process incredibly quick with our Connect to Flywheel feature. When you connect your regional websites to Flywheel’s handled WordPress hosting platform, there is no need to mess with uploading and downloading and downloading plugins and database exporting. Simply pair these programs to push local websites live with a few quick clicks, easily pull live websites for offline editing, and sync your tools up for a simplified procedure.