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PVC ramen Oostende


Cut a large “window” to the exact same side of all three of those cardboard boxes. Each window should be the exact same size, so you will want to use the ruler to measure and mark with a pencil before cutting. Don’t cut a window in the fourth box–this box will model a space which has no windows.

Cut curtains from both kinds of curtain material that will completely cover your plastic wrap window. Secure the thinner drape material set up with double-sided sticky tape across the inward-facing surface of one of the box windows. On the next box window, secure the thicker insulated drape material in precisely the identical way. For the next box, leave the plastic wrap window.

Pour the bottles of water out of the plastic bottles to the pot and ask a parent to bring the pot to a boil. Allow the water to cool slightly so that it will not scald if it splashes on you.

With your parents’ help, use the funnel to pour the hot water back to each of the bottles that about the same amount of water is in every bottle. Some water may have vanished when you boiled it, so the bottles won’t be completely full.

Insert a thermometer into each bottle and record the temperature reading on your laptop.

Eliminate the thermometers in the bottles.

Leave the boxes out in the night, preferably in a time once the sun is setting. Bear in mind, we are trying to ascertain how much heat each box loses, therefore we don’t need the boxes to cook in sunlight.

After three hours, open the boxes and have a temperature reading for all the bottles. Don’t forget to record the results every time you take a reading.

What do you notice about the length of time the bottles stay warm? Which boxes are more effective than others at keeping the heat in the bottle?


Any sort of window allows heat to escape, so the box with no window at all should have retained the maximum heat. But for the boxes with windows, a thicker cloth helps retain heat better than a thinner one. The box with no curtain should have dropped the most heat.