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But she was not caring for herself, and was completely miserable.

As a fan and follower of hers, I can guarantee this is not something you would notice in the outside — she seemed just like the definition of success. But as I have watched her new evolve, she looks like the definition of success and happiness.

Can align their businesses with the remainder of their passions and goals.

“How to try for huge goals while remaining grounded in who you are”

“It is okay to change your mind (about what) and live the life you really want”

“The 3 main factors to having a Wonderful life”

10% Happier Meditation Program

There are a whole lot of meditation programs available, but with 10% Nominal’s motto being “meditation for fidgety skeptics,” it is probably the best place for beginners to get started.

T remove the pressure to fully clear your mind and attain “total peace,” or anything meditation pros do when they close their eyes and “just breathe” Instead, 10% Nominal lets anyone take modest steps, to become 10% happier at a time.

It is not about completely clearing your mind. This program recognizes how impossible that is, particularly to somebody super stressed with a brief attention span.

It is billed as “the self-help book for men and women that desperately need to improve their own lives but do not want to get busted doing this,” which like 10% Nominal, makes it relatable to those of us newer to mindset self and work.

Through Jen’s stories and lessons, you will have help understanding your thought processes and how they might be holding you back. You understand about self-limiting beliefs, how to float through them, and how to adopt a mindset which produces self-improvement more realistic than lots of the other novels in the genre.

The book does have some chapters which could be triggering to those with clinical depression, so in case you decide to read it, please remember that you don’t have to take and employ every chapter to your life. Personally, I skipped Chapter 17.

A similar mindset book which helped me as much was Luck Bitch by Denise Duffeld-Thomas, but it is written for a more specific audience of female small business owners. If that is you, I certainly recommend it also.