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Needless to say, when determining whether new windows will save you money, it is important to take into account the upfront costs. The cost per window can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the materials and features you select and cost of installation.

Window Options

The choices you make concerning materials, design, glazing, and setup may have a big effect on your energy bill. And some features, like how easy they are to look after, make windows more attractive for different reasons.


Different window frame materials can affect the look, durability, and insulation of your window. By way of instance, wood-framed windows provide great insulation, but are heavy and high-maintenance. Vinyl-frame windows insulate well, and do not require painting.


The design of a window can impact how well your window insulates.

Particular window glazes and glass can provide better insulation, light quality, and rust resistance. By way of instance, windows with low-emissivity (low-e) coatings tend to be more energy efficient than windows.

Cleaning and Care

Some features and materials, like tilt-in sashes, make windows easier to look after.


If your windows aren’t installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, you may not receive the savings or relaxation you expect.

Check the Label

Search for the National Fenestration Rating Council’s window tag when you shop. It can help you compare how well a window cubes heat, cold, and outside air; allows light in; and cubes condensation.

These evaluations measure how well a window cubes cold, heat and outside atmosphere:

In cold climate, start looking for a low u-factor score.

In warm climates, start looking for a low SHGC score.

Visible Transmittance ratings quantify how well a window lets light in:

The closer this number is to 1 the more mild the window lets in.