water damage repair Los Angeles

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Why are you setting off the repairs?

A lot of us put repairs off until we can manage them. Sometimes life gets in the way and we simply don’t have enough money for the repairs or our insurance deductible. It might be better to attempt to scrape the cash together and fix a simple water leak fix now rather than wait and have the water damage spread.

Water can lead to damage in various ways.

Water may cause rust on metal

Get consumed by wood causing it to enlarge and buckle

Water is required by mould to grow that feeds on wood causing corrosion.

Wreak havoc on furniture and carpeting

Carry mineral deposits that leave spots on ceilings and walls

Disturb wax wood leaving stains

Homeowner’s insurance largely covers sudden and accidental water damage. Most policies do not cover damage from unresolved maintenance problems such as a leaking pipe. If your sink is leaking and causes the wood to expand and mould to rot away the timber, it is going to be a very costly repair instead of a simple drying process from a water restoration company. If you’re insured for escapes, you still need to adhere to all terms of your coverage or your claim could be denied. You can be denied an insurance coverage for not telling the insurance provider in a timely fashion. Read the terms of your coverage and most will have a deadline from time of reduction to filing of a claim and if you don’t meet the deadline, your claim could be denied.

In a few moments:

Water spreads and gets consumed by various substances

Books, newspapers, and photos will absorb the water and warp

Hours 1-24:

Furniture wood may delaminate and swelling can lead to cracking

Inks on paper goods will bleed

Day 2+

Severe warping in timber flooring may be unsalvageable and require replacing

Mold growth becomes evident along with odor